The Ayeka Center for Parent and Child Guidance

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Several years ago, Dr. Etan Lwow, a Jerusalem psychoanalyst and child psychiatrist developed a treatment method that he has expanded on with other professionals. The Ayeka Center was established to promote this treatment approach providing parental counseling, child therapy and training to mental health educators and professionals.   The treatment method has successfully assisted and enriched families with normative and challenging child-rearing issues, as well as having had tremendous success in working with “stuck, troubled cases” with more severe diagnoses.  It is relevant and  effective in working with parents of school age children, adolescents and young adults, and even older adult children

In a ‘super-condensed nutshell’, traditionally, treatment focuses on the source and inner dynamics of the child’s pathology. At the Ayeka Center, we maintain that developmental lags and pathology are fostered and strongly influenced by the child’s surroundings.  Our approach, examines how the child’s immediate environment enables or disenables healthy growth and development. We teach parents a language that is ‘growth-promoting’ for the child, as well as help parents create an environment where their needs and values are voiced.  As such, our treatment focuses on parental work

The Ayeka center staff is comprised of a psychiatrist, senior clinical psychologists, educational psychologists, family therapists and social workers.

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Chapter-1-Cultural Transformations in Parenting

Chapter-2 A new perspective on child development